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5 star rated

limited availability

What Does The Reflex "Micro-Retreat" Help With?

Maybe you've heard the buzz about the new way people are re-charging their batteries and feeling like their best selves again faster than ever with the Reflex Micro-Retreat...but what is it? More specifically, what does it help with?

This quote from Dr Louise Wiseman at netdoctor.co.uk sums it up best:

"Reflexology [ which our micro-retreat is fundamentally based on] is a type of manual therapy that involves applying pressure to the feet, ears, or hands. In recent years, this ancient Chinese practice has surged in popularity as a holistic therapy to relieve pain and stress." 

Stress literally affects everything: 

  • Your brain
  • Your digestion
  • Your liver
  • Your heart
  • Your muscles
  • Your circulation
  • Your nerves
  • Your fertility 
    and more...

Our Reflexology Based "Micro-Retreat" Is The Fastest Way To Alleviate Issues In These Areas

Did you know in the 1890's British Scientists discovered that your skin is connected to your internal organs via your nervous system? They also discovered that your entire nervous system reacts to outside influences, such as touch. 

So it's easy to see why a Reflexologists technique can have such a calming effect in so many different areas of your body and help with so many ailments. 

"I’d heard great things about reflexology so wanted to give it a try.

Jackie’s treatment room is stunning and the ambience with the candles etc is spot on . It was so relaxing and am quite amazed how mellow I still feel 3 days later. 

Thanks so much Jackie I’ll definitely be back for more


Would highly recommend.

Janet Crosby

Review left on the Reflex Sanctuary FB Page

"I’ve had quite a few treatments with Jackie and they have been amazing.

They definitely helped me.

Jackie was so warm and friendly

Loved it."

Lisa Mhar

Review left on the Reflex Sanctuary FB Page

3 Reasons To Book Yourself In Or Get In Touch Now

Spaces are extremely limited because Reflex Sanctuary is a single person business & there are only so many hours in a day. 

The longer you wait the longer you'll be experiencing whatever it is thats causing you to consider Reflexology in the first place. Wether thats stress, muscle tension, cramps, anxiety etc. The sooner you come and see us the sooner we can help get you back to feeling your best. 

The majority of our customers have such a relaxing, re-energising experience they love to return regularly. This means that availability for sessions can be limited. 

5 star rated

limited availability

About Your Reflexologist

Hey, I'm Jackie 👋

I'm a level 5 certified Reflexologist in Timperely.

What that means for you is I know exactly how to activate your nervous systems relaxation response. I've been trained, tested & audited to do so. 

You can see my membership certificate here

I got into Reflexology because in 2017 I was diagnosed with a condition called Bells Palsy. Its a condition that results in half of your face being paralysed. A bit similar to having a stroke. Which is what the doctors initially thought had happened...

...I looked high and low for treatments but the doctors told me there wasn't anything available. I decided to try Reflexology based on some stuff I'd read online. Honestly, my expectations were zero but I figured I didn't have anything to lose...

...After just 1 session my eyebrow started twitching, which was amazing. I kept going 3x per week for 6 weeks and regained the function in my entire face. 

Based on my own experience I then chose to train in Reflexology so I could help other people like I'd been helped. 

One thing I can guarantee is when you visit me, you'll leave more relaxed & refreshed than when you arrived. 

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